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Vertili™ Pregnancy Guide

How To Get Pregnant


Trying to get pregnant while juggling today's modern and demanding lifestyle is a daunting task; that is why we created the Vertili Pregnancy Guide – to provide you with a quick and easy guide to help you optimize your chances of conceiving and get pregnant in a few easy steps!

By reading and following the principles and concepts within the Vertili Pregnancy Guide, you can significantly optimize and increase your chances of conceiving.

The Vertili Pregnancy Guide consists of 5 Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Mind, Attitude & Stress
  • Chapter 2 – Sleep, Rest & Recuperation
  • Chapter 3 – Diet & Nutrition
  • Chapter 4 – Exercise, Activity & Bodyweight, and
  • Chapter 5 – Family Planning, Cycles & Intercourse

All chapters of the guide are interdependent and work together synergistically; maximizing your chances of conceiving when followed correctly and together.

Most importantly, the Vertili Pregnancy Guide is an easy-to-follow guide; created to help you find the ideal balance in your daily routine. By introducing you to the Vertili Pregnancy Guide and equipping you with an understanding of its unique principles and concepts, you can tailor the guide to suite your daily routine when trying to get pregnant!

Mind, Attitude & Stress

Chapter 1 of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide discusses the importance of Mind, Attitude, and Stress towards conception.

Effects of Stress

Sleep, Rest & Recuperation

Chapter 2 of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide discusses the importance of Sleep, Rest, and Recuperation towards conception.

24hr Biological Clock

Diet, Food & Nutrition

Chapter 3 of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide discusses the importance of Diet, Food, and Nutrition towards conception.

Fertility Food Pyramid

Exercise, Activity & Bodyweight

Chapter 4 of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide discusses the importance of Exercise, Activity, and Bodyweight towards conception.

Fertility Body Weight Chart

Family Planning, Cycles & Intercourse

Chapter 5 of the Vertili Pregnancy Guide discusses the importance of Family Planning, Cycles, and Intercourse towards conception.

Menstrual Cycle


The Vertili Pregnancy Guide provides you with an easy-to-follow, complete, and definitive guide to getting pregnant. From minimizing your stress levels to ensuring your body is fully recuperated, and from controlling your diet and nutrition, to exercising consistently, by following the included principles and concepts, not only can you optimize your fertility and reproductive health, but you can also significantly increase your chances of conceiving and get pregnant fast!

Once you've found a balance and have maintained a regimen with Chapters 1 through to 4, use Chapter 5 to merge all of their benefits to help you schedule family planning. Your menstrual cycles are very important in your chances of conceiving, so it's imperative that you carefully time your maximum fertility by measuring your core body temperature and recording your ovulation periods.

Most importantly, avoid letting the frustration of failed attempts deter you from having a family. While you should ideally try and conceive before entering your 30's, keep in mind that it can often take 9-12 months for a young and healthy couple to successfully conceive.

So stay positive, keep trying, carefully listen to your body, improve your lifestyle, and continue with the Vertili Pregnancy Guide for maximum results! Good luck!

Vertili Pregnancy Guide

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